The Story

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I came to know Reconnective Healing when I was looking for a cure for the remaining back pain after a pulmonary embolism in Berlin, Germany in 2011 . Although I did not know anything about it, but being born in Brazil and around many healers and mediums, I was open to “alternative methods”. I met a practitioner who provided me two sessions of Reconnective Healing and surprisingly after my second session not only did my pain vanished but something essential changed as well. I felt deeply connected to each and every being and I could feel what they were feeling–happiness, stress, peace or even sadness. We were all one and connected and from that time on I have felt whole again. My being was light and I had a new life purpose–to bring this light onto the planet.

The following years I saw my life shifting to the better. The improvements were natural, effortless, everything just fell into place. I became aware of my body feedback system for nutrition and things like yoga and meditation became part of my daily life. Other sports like hiking, tennis and swimming no longer made me tired, but on the contrary, I felt energized.
I am deeply grateful for this gift and happy to be able to share it with you. I am always excited to reconnect with whoever may also trust life and is ready to take the next step in evolving.

The Healing Space

Located on Bush str. in San Francisco, CA
+1 415 819 6507

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