Gift healing to those you love

Do you ever wonder what kind of gift could you give to those you love that would bring meaning to them and to their life?

Reconnective Healing frequencies are the perfect gift to bring balance, light and raise the vibration of your loved ones.
What makes Reconnective Healing sessions such a perfect gift is that they don´t depend on belief, distance or even awareness to work. You can bring balance onto others people lives (even if they don´t necessarily believe in it).

They could even have it during their sleep, dinner/lunch, work or exercising. Their experiences and how they perceive the frequencies, however may differ to someone laying down and paying full attention to their body. But the results would be the same, since nothing can stop the frequencies from coming through.

If you are ready to take your presents to a new level and really give your friends and family experiences instead of things, then the reconnective frequencies are your gift. 🙂

This is how it works: You can either chose the date you would like for them to receive their session or receive a beautiful voucher to hand over and have them schedule the session to what fits best for them.

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